OXFORDSHIRE’S clubs have discovered the six-stage plan that will culminate in a return to competitive rugby.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) has announced its roadmap for the community game, which sets out the levels of training that will be allowed as social distancing guidelines are relaxed.

The plan is currently at stage B, which allows individual training in groups of up to six.

Stages C and D will involve larger group training with increasing face-to-face or close contact, with stage E consisting of whole-team sessions in preparation for playing games.

There will then be at least four weeks before stage F – competitive matches – so players can get up to speed.

The RFU has not put a timescale on the plan and chief executive, Bill Sweeney, preached caution.

He said: “When considering the roadmap for a return to community rugby, we were aware that some clubs wanted to get back quicker than others as a major concern of clubs is to retain their players and preserve their revenue streams.

“We also recognise that other sports may return quicker in England and that rugby may return quicker in other countries.

“However, we will stay focused on what is right for rugby in England.”