We need a reaction today when we travel to Ipswich and get back to league action after the disappointment of losing in the Papa John’s Trophy on Tuesday night.

Before I say anything else, I want to congratulate Tranmere on getting to Wembley, where they take on Sunderland.

I’m sure they’ll agree that they rode their luck a little bit on Tuesday, but they also played very well.

I’ve heard people saying ‘if we score the penalty then we go on and win’, but that’s pure speculation.

The reality is that we created half a dozen chances, didn’t take any of them and we paid the price for that.

Alex Gorrin: Oxford United must put emotion to one side during run-in

I don’t think we ever dwell too long on one result and that has become much more important this season, where we’re playing so frequently.

We review all games, feedback to the players and then we look ahead to the next one.

The gap between matches was even shorter this week because of the delay for the Wigan game, first to Sunday, then later in the day, then with an extended half-time!

That was a bizarre afternoon.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent half-time in the car park talking to firemen before!

The concern was that we wouldn’t get the lights back on and complete the game, but in the end we managed to get another win, despite the circumstances.

Most of the people evacuated were at one end of the stadium.

The players and staff were at the other and it was funny to see Wigan’s players getting on their two team buses for warmth, while ours shivered in the cold.

They couldn’t get in their cars because we all left our keys in the dressing room when we evacuated!

That made it so important that we warmed up and switched on again, just as brightly as the floodlights.

Credit to the players for doing that and for finding a way to win the game.

I think the world of this group and they have a great habit of adapting to any situation in this crazy season.

Today they get another chance to show that side of their characters again, but it’s not going to be easy.

Ipswich are a great club and a good side, but let’s hope they face a bit of a backlash as we try to put the record straight.

Jack Stevens: Oxford United don't fear anyone

There are small indicators that tell you when your team is doing well.

One of them is the amount of column inches you get in the newspapers, or the interest that the media starts to show.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve started to get a lot more requests: I was invited on to the EFL podcast this week and was a guest for an online seminar on mental health, while Cameron Brannagan was on national radio and Matty Taylor in The Sun.

That’s not usual for a League One side, so we’re clearly catching the eye.

It’s all part of the job and helps spread the word.

If you want another indicator of the way the club is going, watch the advertising boards from Tuesday’s game.

Many were written in Thai or Indonesian, or based on the Year of the Ox in China.

We’re always trying to build the fanbase, but look closely and there are small signs of some pretty big ambitions.