ON the day it was announced EFL clubs would finally get regular Covid testing, Shrewsbury Town reminded us why it is long overdue.

The Shropshire outfit reported up to ten positive cases in their first-team squad after all 72 football league sides received mandatory swabs.

It has caused the postponement of Saturday’s Emirates FA Cup third round tie against Southampton.

But health comes first, of course – which is why the decision to hold mandatory tests this week leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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It is funny how EFL clubs received a rare swab the week some of them are due to face Premier League sides in the Cup.

While some testing is better than no testing, you have to question the timing.

Two tests a week from Monday, funded by the PFA, will doubtless put the minds of players and their families at ease.

But it does raise the question: how many postponements – and, more importantly, positive cases – could have been avoided if it had been in place before now?