JAMES Henry looks like he could be one of the biggest beneficiaries from Oxford United’s break in the fixtures.

The short turnaround between July’s play-off final and the start of pre-season in August took its toll on the 31-year-old.

He has been playing with strapping on his right knee for several weeks in a bid to ease some tendinopathy.

The best treatment is rest, which Henry has now had – and the U’s star man feels it has made all the difference.

He said: “I was playing in quite a bit of pain, just managing to get through.

“It’s completely settled now and I’m raring to go and get back on-song.”

The influential attacker believes it has been part of the explanation for what has been a slow start to the season by his usual high standards.

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But Henry also put it down to adapting to new partnerships, which he felt were starting to gel.

He said: “I wouldn’t say I’ve played my best football.

“I’m still adapting in terms of the way my whole side changed.

“It’s gone from me, (Rob) Dickie and Cadds (Chris Cadden) to me, Sean (Clare) and Ells (Elliott Moore).

“It’s just understanding how I want to play and they want to play.

“There have been some good signs and there have been moments. We just need to be a bit more consistent.”