CAMERON Brannagan says taking extra precautions to avoid coronavirus is a small price to pay for having a shot at reaching the Sky Bet Championship.

The countdown is on for Oxford United’s play-off semi-final against Portsmouth.

So far the U’s have returned two positive tests for Covid-19, with both individuals self-isolating until Monday.

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Two Pompey men have already had to sit out sessions and there is a chance players could miss both legs of the semi-final.

While lots of precautions are being taken at the training ground, it is up to the individuals to minimise the risks in the rest of their lives.

Brannagan and housemate Ben Woodburn are not intending to travel north to see family until the games are finished.

But given what is at stake, the 24-year-old is happy to keep a low profile.

“Especially for the lads from up north like me and Ben, we’re going to stay down here now until we’re finished,” he said.

“We’ll keep the risks to the minimum because we don’t want to miss games. I’d be heartbroken if that happened.

“For four weeks that could get you into the Championship, I think it’s worth it.”

While the three-month gap between the suspension of the season and training restarting was tough on everyone, few enjoy playing more than Brannagan.

It has meant the former Liverpool apprentice has endured a tough time, before revelling in a return to the fold last week.

He said: “I found it hard, so being back with the boys now feels so much better.

“With the situation now being in the play-offs, I can’t wait.

“The banter’s been flying and it’s great to be around the lads.

“You miss it when you’re not there, so I’m loving being back, as you can imagine.”

Karl Robinson’s men played their first internal 11-a-side game on Monday as they seek to get up to speed.

It is a challenge given the amount of time the players have spent away from each other and, unlike in pre-season, they are going straight into the most important clashes of the campaign.

Brannagan said: “It’s massively different to pre-season, which is hard but you’re always preparing for the first game so you have time to build up.

“Whereas now we’ve got three weeks, which is absolutely nothing, we’re going into a semi-final, which is massive.

“It’s the same for everyone.

“I could be unfit, but I’ll tell you now once that semi-final starts all the fitness goes out the window and all I’ll be thinking about is winning.”