OXFORD United’s approach to the remainder of the transfer window could rest on discussions in Scotland this weekend.

Chairman Sumrith ‘Tiger’ Thanakarnjanasuth is making the trip to Ibrox to watch the U’s friendly with Glasgow Rangers on Sunday.

It will be preceded by a recruitment meeting where boss Karl Robinson will sit down with the board.

And he is expecting to receive further guidance on what will be possible during the rest of the transfer window, which shuts on September 2.

Robinson said: “There will be eight of us in the meeting and we will go through where we’re at, where our finances sit and what we have available.

“So we will get clarity on where we’re at to really attack the last weeks in the window.”

Alex Rodriguez Gorrin and Tariqe Fosu are the only additions to the senior squad so far this summer.

United are working on a variety of other targets, but Robinson understands any investment has to be right for the club.

He said: “There’s a calmness to it all that I think is important.

“I’ve probably got more clarity (in general) now than I’ve ever had, because the board have been very clear.

“It’s so important that you’ve got transparency and I’ve never had so much honesty about where we’re exactly at. That’s a tremendous place to be.

“Sometimes I don’t want to hear it because I want more.

“But equally it’s right for where we’re trying to go and the investment we’re putting into the club means far more to me than sometimes the investment you’re putting in to short-term fixes.”

Robinson added: “Some fans will read this and think ‘what a load of rubbish, we want to win’.

“Some fans will read this and go ‘that’s brilliant, he really cares’.

“For us to have longevity, we have got to treat the club right today because we don’t want days of going down and slower growth.

“A more organic growth in some ways will give us a much better platform.

“On top of all of this, all people really care about is will there be more signings to come as well.

“We know who we want and we’re not going to be forced or pressured into doing anything just yet if we don’t want to do it.”