OXFORD United will look to borrow strategies from Premier League clubs in a bid to improve their recruitment this summer, according to Karl Robinson.

Planning for the next transfer window is already well under way and the U’s intend to make changes in the way they go about targeting players.

A dozen deals were done between the end of last season and the August deadline, half of which were on loan.

And while the likes of Gavin Whyte and Marcus Browne have impressed, the rest have struggled for fitness, form – or both.

Robinson felt the January window was a step in the right direction, but is looking to bring in new layers to the club’s recruitment to improve their strike rate.

He said: “We’re going to involve psychological testing, different medical support (before they sign), whether that’s internally or externally.

“We’ll have greater protocols in relation to social media activity, bigger character references, understanding their family background – things you’d expect of a Premier League club.

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“I’ve spoken to a few Premier League managers and picked their brains for things they look to do.

“They have unbelievable resources, but some of the things they do don’t have a great cost to it.

“These are little things we’re looking to enhance.”

He added: “Mark Thomas (United’s head of recruitment) from a statistical analysis point of view is magnificent.

“But we’re not robotic, we’re human beings and we have to take that into account.

“So we’re trying to encompass all the people’s strengths in the building to make it a much better and more efficient way of working.”

Robinson felt the timing of his appointment last year – on March 22 – did not help United’s preparations.

In January, managing director Niall McWilliams admitted recruitment had contributed to the side’s struggles this season and indicated an intention to get back to a system which had worked well in the past.

It will see more of an emphasis on developing young players who have a resale value, surrounded by more experienced figures.

Robinson said: “I think it’s a two-pronged attack – firstly players like Gavin Whyte and Mark Sykes, even though they’ve made an immediate impact, there’s a future value.

“But equally you need the players who are ready for today, they’re not looking to be sold, they’re looking to come here and affect it.

“We want to integrate what we do with the under 18s and the 23s within the first team, so there’s one blanket of recruitment.

“I didn’t come until late March and the preparations should be under way by January.

“It’s exciting we can look forward and really breathe in a way that we couldn’t do this last year.”