FORMER Olympic gymnist Suzanne Dando is amongst the 50 Oxfordshire people this morning named as carrying the Olympic Torch through the county in July.

Organisers have this morning released the list and also amongst the bearers is 85-year-old great-grandmother Christine Carter from Old Marston.

The full list is:


Gerald Anderson

Aron Steele

Susan James

Alfie Russell

Margaret Brown

Suzanne Dando

Carolyn Houlahan


Amie Ing

John Lewin

Simon Cruden

Carly Castle

Crowmarsh Gifford

Fiona Grist


James Bryant

Verity Westgate

Robin Gardner

Julia Hayes

James Harrison

Isabel Jackson

Patricia Kerr


Gerald Darley

Debra Toney


William Traves

Maureen Merchant


Richard Cooper

Timothy Betts

Richard Tyack

Malcolm Fretter

Christine Carter

Margaret Stevens

Xuansha Chen

Nigel Roberts

Michael Spicer

Jade Brathwaite

Nicola Byrom

Elizabeth James

Maureen O’Neill

Christopher Bream

Alexander Anton

Brian Staite

Paul Kelsey

Anne-marie Andrews

Jodie Evans

Fiona Danks

Gareth Robinson

James Grote

Emma Cuthbertson

Paul Griffiths


Graham Warland

Patricia Pearce Mbe

Roland Read

The torch will be carried through Oxfordshire on July 9 and 10.