FIVE Oxfordshire doctors are among 240 medics to sign their names to a letter vowing to campaign to unseat 50 coalition MPs at the next election over the government’s unpopular NHS reform bill.

In the letter sent to the Independent on Sunday the medics claim that the Government is acting without mandate to embark on a process that will see the abolition of the NHS in England.

They state: “We have formed a coalition of healthcare professionals to take on coalition MPs at the next general election on the non-party, independent ticket of defending the NHS.”

Professor of tumour pathology at the John Radcliffe Hospital Francesco Pezzella; Emeritus Fellow of New College, University of Oxford and Professor of public health epidemiology at the Nuffield Professor Klim McPherson; Oxford psychiatrist Dr Valeria Frighi; Oxfordshire consultant psychiatrist  Dr Peter Agulnik and retired Oxford consultant psychiatrist Dr Jacqueline Ferguson have all added their names to the letter.