VISITORS to the University of Oxford will be getting the inside scoop on alien activity later this month.

Robert Hastings will speak on UFOs: The Secret Story, in which he alleges the US has a “covert response” to alien activity.

He previously appeared on US chat show Larry King Live and in September spoke at a conference at which former US Airforce personnel divulged information about ‘UFO activity’ during the Cold War.

Mr Hastings said his interest in UFOs began in 1967, when he was at Malstrom Air Base in Montana and witnessed “two weeks of intermittent UFO activity”.

He said: “One night, five UFOs were tracked on radar for several minutes and jets were launched to intercept them.

“I later learned from Air Force sources that as the jets closed in, the UFOs performed a vertical ascent and left the area at enormous speed, far beyond the capability of any aircraft.”

Mr Hastings will be discussing his findings from the testimony of 120 former US military personnel when he comes to the city on November 24.

He said: “I believe that the American public, and people everywhere, should be given the facts.”

The talk will be in the Jacqueline Du Pre Auditorium at St Hilda’s College from 7.30pm.