A ‘SHAMELESS’ drunk has been jailed for stealing money from a man in a wheelchair.

Aaron Fountain, 23, of High Furlong, Banbury, demanded cash from disabled Thomas Bucknell, and when he handed over only a £10 note he grabbed £20 more from his bag.

At Oxford Crown Court, Jonathan Stone, prosecuting, said Mr Bucknell, who receives income support, was in Bolton Road, Banbury, on his electric wheelchair on July 7, when Fountain approached from behind.

When a frightened Mr Bucknell offered him £10, Fountain grabbed more.

Half an hour earlier, he had threatened Thai hot-dog vendor Lisa Paphothkang, calling her a “Chink” and demanding food before her stall was open.

Matthew Corrie, defending, said his client’s life had “hit the skids” after a relationship break-up, and he was a “Jekyll and Hyde” when drunk.

Judge Patrick Eccles sentenced Fountain to a total of 30 months in jail for robbery and a racially aggravated public order offence, of which he will serve at least half behind bars.

He said: “When you are fuelled by drink you have no shame and no conscience, and take pleasure in upsetting innocent members of public.”