Around the turn of the year, I noticed people telling me that the next Saturday was ‘a big game’.

We must be on about 20 big games in a row in that case.

Last away game at Fleetwood – big game and we won there for the first time.

Tuesday night at home to MK Dons? Big game and we won it, beating a very good team for the second time this season.

Now we head for Rotherham today with another sold out away end and a fantastic atmosphere waiting for us.

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We won’t change our routine, we will be just as thorough in our planning and just as committed on the pitch as we have been in each of the last 44 games.

I was a little disappointed that a sold out away end is only 1,200.

We could have sold out three times that number I reckon, but we respect the decision was made for the right reasons and we know that those fans will be loud and proud, like they have been all season for us.

I think maybe people had written us off after we lost at Morecambe the other week but within the building we have always had a quiet confidence and we work to our own targets.

This is our fifth game in our little group of five games and a win would give us nine points from that group.

Next Saturday at home to Doncaster was always our extra game (nine groups of five games, one game extra for the mathematicians out there).

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If we win today, we have 78 points and most seasons that would be enough to reach the play-offs, but this season has been an amazing one with so many really good teams who have been remarkably consistent.

I count Oxford United in that category and whatever happens over the next couple of games, I know my players have given their all for the yellow shirt.

To have record crowds each week has been an amazing thing to see evolving, and I think the future is extremely bright for this football club.

All we can do now is head up the M1, play our hearts out and hopefully end the afternoon celebrating with our fans.

And if the result doesn’t go our way?

We will still applaud those fans and we know they will be on our side because there is now a very special bond between us at every game, not just the big ones.