WITH the majority of children now learning remotely, parents are being tasked with helping out their kids.

Research has revealed the school topics that parents are struggling with the most.

The study, by shoe retailer Clarks, combined Google search trends with survey responses from over 1,000 parents of school-aged children.

Below are the top 50 questions Clarks predicts parents will be asking when homeschooling this term:

1. How to work out percentages

2. What is a verb?

3. What is the mean in maths?

4. What is a normal heart rate?

5. What is a factor in maths?

6. What is a noun?

7. What are prime numbers?

8. What is an adjective?

9. What is an adverb?

10. What is the population of the UK?

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11. What countries are in Asia?

12. When to use a semicolon

13. How many bones are in the human body?

14. How many countries are in Africa?

15. What is a preposition?

16. What is a pronoun?

17. Where is your kidney?

18. How many teeth do adults have?

19. How many countries are in Europe?

20. What is a normal pulse rate?

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21. What countries are in the Middle East?

22. How to calculate standard deviation

23. Who invented the light bulb?

24. What continent is Australia in?

25. What is a square number?

26. What is an organism?

27. How to add fractions

28. How long does it take to get to the moon?

29. Where is your appendix?

30. What is an isotope?

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31. What is climate change?

32. Where is your liver?

33. Where is Mount Everest?

34. Who invented electricity?

35. What is a vertices?

36. How many planets are there?

37. What is a continent?

38. What is a conjunction?

39. What are elements?

40. What is an atom?

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41. What are factors?

42. What continent is Russia in?

43. What is an independent variable?

44. What are enzymes?

45. How to work out square metres

46. How old is the Earth?

47. How to divide fractions

48. What are stem cells?

49. What is the population of the world?

50. How many counties are in England?

To find the full research, visit: clarks.co.uk/insight/most-searched-homeschooling-questions

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