The Health Secretary is to set out which tier each local authority in England, including Oxfordshire, will fall under after the end of the national lockdown.

Matt Hancock will make the announcement in Parliament today after the Government set out its Covid-19 “winter plan” earlier this week.

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Each area will be placed into one of three tiers when lockdown ends on December 2 – but the system has been toughened from the previous regime, meaning more authorities will move into the higher tiers.

Based on the current infection rates, all areas of Oxfordshire seem likely to be placed in the lowest tier of restrictions.

But even tier 1 restrictions might be stricter than they previously were.

Tier allocations will be reviewed on December 16.

Last night, reports suggested there would be few areas in England placed in Tier 1, with The Times reporting parts of eastern England and remote areas in Cornwall and Cumbria are expected to be allocated the lightest measures.

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Meanwhile London was expected to go in Tier 2 along with the majority of the country.

Mr Hancock said: “Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice made by people up and down the country, we are able to move out of national lockdown and into more targeted local, tiered restrictions.

“I know for those of you faced with Tier 3 restrictions this will be a particularly difficult time but I want to reassure you that we’ll be supporting your areas with mass community testing and extra funding.

“By following the rules together we can get out of these tough measures.”