OXFORD paramedics are set to star in a show which takes viewers behind the scenes as they attend emergency call outs.

Ambulance crews from South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) based in the city will appear in the new series of Inside the Ambulance – Coast and Country.

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Along with colleagues based in Portsmouth, the Oxford crews were filmed during an eight-week period at the start of 2020, finishing in early March as the coronavirus outbreak escalated.

The show gives viewers a unique perspective of life on the emergency services frontline by using body-worn cameras and cameras mounted on and in the ambulance which capture everything the ambulance crew come across while on shift.

Banbury Cake:

Mike Little. Picture: UKTV/Kris Askey

One of those taking part in the filming was clinical team educator and paramedic, Mike Little.

A new trailer for the series, which starts on Monday, shows him out in an ambulance driving through Oxford.

He says: “Look at this place, look at it! Lovely. Not so nice on a Friday night/Saturday morning when there’s loads of drunk people stumbling around throwing litter all over the place.”

Speaking about the experience of taking part in the show, he said: “To say I was scared was a bit of an understatement – but the production team were really good at putting myself and everyone who took part at ease very quickly.

Banbury Cake:

"It was strange seeing people’s reactions to us as we arrived wearing body-worn cameras, and of course we were able to switch off our cameras if we felt the emergency we were called to wasn’t appropriate to be filmed."

Emergencies coming up in the episodes include everything from high-speed motorcycle crashes to mysterious aliments and suspected heart attacks.

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Inside the Ambulance series 11 begins on the W Channel on Monday at 8pm and will air new episodes each weekday for two weeks.

The programme was filmed with SCAS in Oxfordshire between January 13 and March 8.

Over the course of eight weeks, the cameras followed 56 shifts completed by 36 frontline staff based at the SCAS Oxford City Resource Centre on the Churchill Hospital site.