Love Pizza Co is celebrating its five-star hygiene rating and supporting families through the pandemic.

The Chipping Norton delivery service secured the highest rating on Scores on the Doors.

Gemma Warr runs Love Pizza with the help of her partner.

The two chefs provide food at music and food festivals and run the pizza delivery service from their unit on Elmsfield Industrial Estate.

The pair have won an award for the quality of their ciabatta base pizzas and their business has thrived through lockdown.

Ms Warr is the mother of four children, and she has used Love Pizza to help feed families and emergency workers.

She said: “For us as a large family it is about feeding families, that is what we are aiming at with our pizzas.

“We are trying to do affordable meals for families.

"We don’t do traditional bases, we do a ciabatta dough on the bottom, so it is thicker than usual and it can therefore hold more topping.”

Ms Warr helped a carer provide a pizza at lunch for an elderly lady and opened out of hours specially to make that one pizza.

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She said: “We didn’t charge her. She is a carer which is a stressful job in a bad time.”

She added: “If people from the ambulance service rang us and said they were really busy and wanted to order a pizza, we would give it to them for free.

“We just try and help people as much as we can.”

The five-star hygiene rating means a lot to the family run business as food quality and safety is top of the agenda.

Ms Warr said: “My other half is a perfectionist.

"If the food is not safe or where we are working from is not safe then it is not even an option to be open. So, for us our priority is the safety of the food and for it to taste nice.”

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Ms Warr explained that she uses Scores on the Doors as a guide herself.

She said: “I hope the hygiene rating does make people think about ordering from us. I am a chef, and I am one of those people who looks on Scores on the Doors and if it isn’t good I am not going to go there.”

Ms Warr and her partner are looking to expand Love Pizza, open another unit and expand their delivery radius.

Due to popular demand from customers, Love Pizza has recently extended its menu to offer sides with its ciabatta pizzas and delivers seven days a week.