A WOMAN was taken to hospital after a fire broke out near a village in northern Oxfordshire.

Firefighters raced to a property near Adderbury on Friday at 5.26pm after reports of a blaze in sheds and outbuildings.

On arrival the crews from Banbury Fire Station, Hook Norton Fire Station and Kidlington Fire Station were faced with flames and heavy smoke.

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Colleagues from the electricity board also isolated an electricity pylon, which had also become involved in the blaze, while ambulance crew took a woman, who lives at the property, to a hospital for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus got the fire under control using water from a nearby swimming pool.

Crew manager Dan Evans, who attended the incident, commented: "This was a serious fire that due to the electricity pylon had the potential to be really dangerous.

"The cause of the fire is still being investigated."