A TEENAGER has been jailed after he was caught double the drug-drive limit, twice.

Wahaj Shakeel Abbasi, of Cromwell Close, Oxford, appeared in the dock of Oxford Magistrates Court on August 11 and admitted:

• Driving an Audi A3 on November 9 at 1.10am on Bicester Road in Kidlington with 4.7mcg of cannabis in 1L blood, above the legal limit of 2mcg.

• Driving on January 8, 2020 in Basingstoke with 4.4mcg of cannabis in his blood.

• Breaching a suspended sentence by being in possession of an offence weapon on November 6. He was dealt with for the original sentence of being in possession of a Samurai Sword at Peartree Services.

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At court the 19-year-old was sent to prison for 14 weeks because ‘the offences are so serious’ and committed when on a suspended sentence.

He was also banned from driving for 24 months and must pay a victim surcharge of £128.