IT IS likely that you will know a Smith, Jones, or Williams in Oxfordshire.

The most popular surnames in the county have been revealed and there are some pretty obvious ones.

However, there are some you might not expect. 

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Website Forebears, a directory of family history research, has published a complete list of the most common names across the county.

All the information is based on data from 2014.

You can search our list of the top 50 names to find yours:

Scroll down to see the 10 surnames falling at the bottom of the list, and how many people share them in the area.

Least popular surnames and how many people share the name in Oxfordshire:

Banbury Cake:

Fictional character Harry Potter has one of the most unpopular surnames in Oxfordshire

  •  Elliott, 431
  •  Henderson, 429
  •  Potter, 429
  •  Buckingham, 428
  •  Bond, 427
  •  Field, 427
  •  Nicholls, 427
  •  Hopkins, 426
  •  Nash, 426
  •  Faulkner, 425

Let us know in the comments if you made the cut.