TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has often attracted controversy but the motoring enthusiast has also done a lot of good work for charity over the years, supporting causes across Oxfordshire.

His love of cars - he co-presented the BBC TV show Top Gear and then The Grand Tour - has won him many friends, and also critics in the environmental lobby.

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In the autumn of 2005, Oxford Brookes University awarded him an honorary degree for his passion for engineering.

Green Party campaigners protested against Mr Clarkson's award because they believed his views were a threat to the environment.

One protester threw a custard pie in Mr Clarkson's face, who said he said he was "thrilled and honoured" to receive the degree before being struck.

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As the presenter wiped away the remains of the pie, he said "Good shot!"

Before the incident, Mr Clarkson admitted he had a "blatant disregard for the environment" but said the Green Party had a right to protest.

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Jeremy Clarkson with Alex James and David Cameron in Kingham

As our pictures show the presenter who lives near Chipping Norton has also backed many good causes over the years, including Helen & Douglas House and Chipping Norton lido.

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Sister Frances Dominica with Jeremy Clarkson

He now runs Diddly Squat farm shop just off Chipping Norton Road near Chadlington, in West Oxfordshire.

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Jeremy Clarkson with customers at his Diddly squat farm shop

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Jeremy Clarkson signs a book for fan Pat Dunn

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