People will be able to watch classic films from their cars thanks to a rugby club joining forces with a drive-in cinema company.

Banbury Rugby Union Football Club is working with Drive in Films to stage a cinema experience to give the community a lift after lockdown.

It will also help raise funds for the local Community Amateur Sports Club.

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The first screenings will be in early August at the DCS Stadium in Bodicote Park, Banbury, where there will be a 7m by 9m screen showing current and classic films such as Joker, Rocketman, Mamma Mia and Grease.

No dogs are allowed and around 120 cars with 300 people can attend each screening.

Audio will be beamed directly to the parked cars, allowing the films to be heard using car audio systems.

Food and drink will be offered and will be delivered to visitors in their car by staff wearing PPE.

For tickets, go to