BABIES born during lockdown continue to bring a ray of hope to families struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Lockdown restrictions, which are now being eased, have been frustrating for new parents, who have not been able to show off their bundles of joy to family and friends in the usual way until now.

Parents are now sharing photos of their new arrivals with the Oxford Mail and we want more families to do the same to put a smile on our readers’ faces.

Please send us pictures of your new arrivals.

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For the majority of families whose babies are featured here, births went very smoothly and mums and dads have paid tribute to nursing staff and midwives for their support.

Megan Nichols and Sam Parish from Abingdon have been joined by a baby sister for their son Ollie.

And Ms Nichols didn’t have too long to wait for Ivy to be born once she arrived at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Banbury Cake:

Ollie Parish with sister Ivy

She said: “I spent the last few months of my pregnancy petrified about entering the hospital due to Covid.

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“On May the 9th I went into labour, I arrived at the hospital and gave birth an hour later in the delivery suite!

“I worried for nothing and the midwives were wonderful. Ivy is our little pandemic miracle and is so loved by everyone, especially big brother Ollie.”

Kia Fletcher and William Tagg, from Witney, have been celebrating the arrival of Edie, a baby sister for Lilly.

Banbury Cake:

Edie Fletcher-Tagg with sister Lilly

Ms Fletcher said: “My birth went very smoothly - Edie came two days early and her big sister Lilly is so in love.”

Evie and Chris King, from Leafield, near Witney, have been celebrating the birth of their lockdown baby Laurence, at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

And it was a poignant moment for the whole family.

Banbury Cake:

Evie and Chris King with Laurence

Ms King said: “Our little monkey was due to be born on the 21st July 2020 but he arrived 40 days early on the 11th June so Chris’s father (Darren) who had been battling cancer for a long time and holding on to meet Laurence could pass peaceful after knowing he arrived safe and healthy.”

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Maria Stapleton and Ethan Findlay, from Abingdon, were relieved when everything went smoothly with the birth of their son Milan, at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

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Milan Findlay

Ms Stapleton said: “Being heavily pregnant during a global pandemic was very worrying. I am a first time mother I had my baby at 39 weeks. With most of my appointments being disrupted and my anxiety at an all-time peak I had to remain strong for my baby. When the day arrived my waters had broke at home and I can say everything went smoothly. I remained calm and breathed through every contraction.

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"As soon as I arrived at hospital the midwives were wonderful from the start. Giving birth to my son was such a memorable joyous experience despite everything that was happening around us.

“Nothing can beat that feeling of holding him in my arms and looking into his eyes for the first time.”