MORE THAN a quarter of Oxfordshire parents say their child being bullied was not dealt with well at school, a survey suggests.

Ofsted, the watchdog for schools, asked 2,644 parents in the county if they agreed that their school had dealt with bullying quickly and effectively between September 2019 – the start of the school year – and April this year. Of them, 901 said the question applied to them and 28 per cent disagreed or strongly disagreed. that the school had acted this way.

More than half, 51 per cent, agreed with the statement but the remaining 22 per cent said they did not know.

In Oxfordshire, seven per cent of the parents also said their child wasn’t happy at school and another seven per cent said their child didn’t feel safe.

Anti-bullying charity Bullies Out said that no school can claim not to have bullying and that it shouldn’t be part of ‘growing up’.