LIBRARIES and registry offices across Oxfordshire will be reopened gradually in coming weeks according to the county council.

Buildings including local libraries, the Oxfordshire Museum, and registration services w ill reopen over the coming weeks and months following the Prime Minister’s further easing of lockdown arrangements across the UK.

Oxfordshire County Council is planning a phased approach to the reopening of public buildings and is making sure they are safe for staff and visitors..

On June 23 Prime-Minister Boris Johnson made an announcement in parliament where he laid out a number of changes to the UK’s response to COVID-19.

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Among the changes were confirmation that cultural buildings, including those run by the county council which have been shut since March, can reopen.

Reopening can begin from July 4

Lorraine Lindsay-Gale, cabinet member for education and cultural services said: “We will fully focus on each building before making decisions on re-openings to ensure that the work required to meet the latest social distancing guidelines is undertaken in a methodical way leading to excellent and safe arrangements."