LOVE it or hate it – Naked Attraction is coming back to our screens and the show’s producers are looking for brave singletons willing to get their kit off on national TV.

The cheeky dating show, hosted by presenter Anna Richardson, sees a group of six people bare all for a love interest who picks a date without seeing any of them fully clothed.

Round by round more of their naked body is revealed to the person who will choose a date at the end of the show based on their ideal body type and what they really want.

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The idea of the show is to strip back all of the things that ‘define us’ and ‘start where a good old-fashioned date usually ends… naked’.

One of the most recent scandalous contestants on the show was Charlie, from Oxford, who ruffled some feathers on Twitter.

One casting agent wrote on Oxford Facebook groups: “Finding love can be as hard as finding hand sanitiser.

“Looking for bold and brave people to take part.”

Anybody who wants to find love in a non-traditional way or is looking to test ‘the power of Naked Attraction’ should fill out the online form here.

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