CLIMATE campaigners are set to march to Oxfordshire MPs to demand an urgent 'green recovery' plan following the pandemic.

Activists from Extinction Rebellion groups from Headington and Witney announced they will gather outside the offices of Anneliese Dodds and Robert Courts tomorrow.

They will deliver open letters that call on the government to 'Tell The Truth, Act Now and to Go Beyond Party Politics' to achieve net zero green house gas emissions by 2025.

XR campaigners are asking the tow MPs to publicly declare to their constituents and to the government that the current 2050 target is too late and will lead to irreversible climate breakdown including rising sea levels, flooding, soaring temperatures and droughts.

A socially-distanced group will gather outside of Robert Court's office on Waterloo Walk, Witney, at 11am.

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Colourful banners and placards will also be carried to Anneliese Dodds' office based on Transport Way, Cowley, at 4.30pm.

Headington XR campaigner Mary Gill said: "Anneliese has a good record generally on environmental issues but she needs to say and do more about rebuilding the UK economy for a green and just recovery.

"As we come out of coronavirus, the government has a unique opportunity to reshape the economy.

"We need investment in cutting carbon and increasing 'green jobs'.

"Rescue packages must be used to leverage fundamental change and bailouts for the high-carbon economy must stop."