CORONAVIRUS claimed the lives of two more people in Oxfordshire, bringing the total number of deaths to 37.

Across the county, 411 people have tested positive for the virus.

In the UK as a whole, more than 600 more people who tested positive, have died.

By 9am yesterday, 195,524 people have been tested for coronavirus. Of those, 47,806 people were confirmed positive.

By 5pm on Saturday, 4,934 people had died since the start of the pandemic.

This represented an increase of 621 deaths and 5,903 positive tests on the previous day's figures.

In just England, a further 555 people who tested positive for the virus have died, bringing the number of confirmed reported death in hospitals to 4,494.

The patients were aged between 33 years and 103 years old.

A total of 29 people out of the 555 patients (between 35 and 95 years old) had no known underlying health conditions.

Their families have been informed.

The NHS releases the figures daily but they only include people who have died in a hospital and have tested positive for Covid-19.

That means they exclude others who may not have been tested in time, or who died at home, in care homes or in hospices.