CAN YOU stay calm under pressure?

Thames Valley Police officers and volunteers work around the clock to keep the streets safe and crime-free.

Police officers, investigators and volunteers go to crime scenes, carry out patrols, make arrests and do all they can to stamp out crime.

But there are other people working behind the scenes to keep everything ticking along.

In June, we spent the day with the neighbourhood police officers in Oxford - asking them all the questions from what they eat to breakfast, to how to solve murders.

During the day we went on real immigration raids at Templars Square and carried out patrols at some of the city's top anti-social hotspots.

Have you ever wondered how much you get paid to do the jobs?

Here’s all the details of 10 jobs that TVP are hiring for this week:

  • 999 or 101 call handler

In some of the scariest situations, call handlers will be the first people to listen to the emergency.

From distressing incidents like domestic violence or murders it is their job to pin down the crucial details – did he have a bread knife, or a butter knife? Were they under the influence of anything? – all while listening, keeping the caller safe and sending details to a colleague in the control room who is talking to police.

Call handlers get paid £28,169 and the job is based in Oxford.

  • Police Community Support Officer apprentice (PCSO).

PCSOs are often known as the backbone to neighbourhood policing. They work in the community as a visible presence to build up relationships with residents.

This role pays £19,835 which increases to £21,101 after a year.

Alongside shift work the new PSCO will work towards a Level 4 diploma in community policing.

  • Special Constable

This is a volunteer role so candidates do not get paid, but they have the same powers as a regular officer on the streets, taking a stand against crime and anti-social behaviour.

  • Vocalists

Police are hunting for somebody who can hit the high notes and join the TVP choir. They meet on Saturday morning at the police HQ in Kidlington – there is no requirement to attend every week, or even an audition but singers must still be vetted, like any other police staff.

  • MASH support officer

The support officer will research police systems to write up confidential reports for social services to protect children. Domestic abuse incidents have to be reviewed to flag incidents involving children and the risk factors.It pays £24,182.

  • Cadet leader

This is another volunteer role but only requires a couple of hours commitment a week. Leaders will work with cadets – who are under 18 – to show them different roles in the police and teach them new skills.

  • Apps Developer

Tech developers in the force get paid £46,867 to £50,942 a year, but they have to be familiar with coding software like Python and Java.

  • Border officers

TVP officers at Gatwick stop terrorists and serious criminals in their tracks. Its their job to seize cash and know the threats at all times. The pay is hidden.

  • Police detective prevent officer

The idea of this role is to know who is 'vulnerable to radicalisation' and direct them to support groups. The pay is hidden.

  • Neighbourhood watch admin support (Witney)

This is another volunteer role with flexible hours, doing admin tasks ahead of meetings.

All the roles can be found at