A JUDGE has branded a two-year police investigation a 'disgrace'.

Judge Daly told Oxford Crown Court that the lengthy police investigation would make it hard for anybody to be sentenced.

In 2017 Allen Johnson was allegedly caught carrying Class A and B drugs in the city.

Johnson, of Furlong Close in Oxford, was charged with carrying diamorphine, the illegal chemical in heroin, with intent to supply as well as cannabis.

The incidents happened on December 23, 2017 – when the 21-year-old was 19.

Yesterday, two years on from the incidents, Johnson entered a plea for both charges at Oxford Crown Court.

Ahead of the hearing, Judge Daly told the court that the long investigations 'keep happening'.

He said: " The prosecution case is that he had drugs on his person.

"How much investigation needs to be done? Two years...

"Meanwhile he is getting older and to the best of my knowledge he has no other convictions.

"It makes it difficult to sentence.

"I am sorry, it is a disgrace that it is going on.

"It's happening time and time again."

Johnson has pleaded guilty to carrying cannabis, but not diamorphine.

He will be sentenced on April 20 and until then has been given bail.