A MEMBER of the police and crime panel says that the elected head of Thames Valley Police Anthony Stansfeld should be held accountable for his actions, after claims he abused his position.

Nigel Chapman is a city councillor who sits on the board for safer communities, as well as the police and crime panel which is based in Buckinghamshire.

The panel is made up of 18 local councillors from across the Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire that make up Thames Valley and works to challenge, scrutinise, and support the police and crime commissioner (PCC) Mr Stansfeld.

The next time they will meet to discuss 'topical issues' and police funding will be tomorrow morning, at a public meeting, where members of the public are welcome to attend and ask questions during a 20-minute period.

Mr Chapman says he plans to raise the matter at the meeting and said: "He should be held to account."

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Mr Stansfeld admitted using his professional email account to warn a man of police action in a bid to try and help a billionaire's ex-wife find his missing millions.

He emailed on behalf of Michelle Young a man who is accused of holding onto hard drives relating to her ex-husband Scot's business.

The matter has nothing to do with Thames Valley and has nothing to do with the area.

Police and crime commissioners are voted in by members of the public and stand as candidates for political parties.

Mr Stansfeld was the first PCC to be elected for the Thames Valley in 2012, standing as a Conservative candidate.

He and his deputy Matthew Barber, have to follow a code of conduct – which they both agree to when signing up.

As part of the code, they both have to agree to 'not use the resources of the elected local policing body improperly for personal benefit or a friends'.

The police and crime panel meeting will be at Aylesbury Vale District Council Offices at 11am.