SHOWERING sparks of multi-coloured light have been brightening up the Oxford Mail office this week as we enjoyed Camera Club’s plethora of ‘fireworks’ submissions.

Capturing the colourful explosions is no easy feat but many members created stunning images of fiery shows across the county and beyond.

Banbury Cake:

With Bonfire Night on Tuesday there have been plenty of displays in recent days for members to capture.

The addition of people watching fireworks was a popular combination. One of of our favourites was a night sky painted in rainbow hues in Suzanne Brennan's image.

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We love the silhouettes of dazzled onlookers, including the tiny detail of a person taking their own snap on a phone in the right hand corner.

Another crowd scene we loved was Trish Davies' shot of this year's Witney display, with those watching bathed in the glow from the bright fireworks.

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We could also not go without mentioning Anthony Morris' spectacular shot of a multitude of fireworks in Bournemouth captured above a small boat.

Plenty of entries focused on the light trails created and turned shots of exploding fireworks into modern art.

We enjoyed Sarah Nice's snap of criss-crossing white and turquoise lines of light, as well as Ian White's image of golden sparks shooting out from a central point that was reminiscent of a flower.

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Finally, while many enjoy fireworks the loud noises they bring with them are not pleasant for all.

Mark Guschtscha shared a picture of his dog Remo hiding away from the explosions.

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Sharing the snap on the Camera Club Facebook page he wrote: "As lovely as all the photos posted on here are, and there are truly some amazing shots, here's a snap of my dog struggling, to no avail, to get away from the chaos that is going on around him."

Low-noise fireworks, meanwhile, were used in Christine Marie Pullen's shot of her family enjoying a display in their garden. She explained the special fireworks were for her autistic son who 'loved them'.

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Next week's theme is 'remembrance'.

Join our Camera Club – which now has more than 1,200 members online by searching Facebook for Oxford Mail Camera Club. This week's winning shot will be featured in tomorrow's paper.

Happy snapping!