FROM children dressed as funky fluorescent skeletons to black and white graveyard scenes that send a shiver down the spine, Camera Club got into the spirit of our annual Halloween theme this week.

Eerie images of familiar sights given a creepy twist featured in many submissions.

We loved Linda Robertson's shot of Upper Heyford church in the mist with a crow flying in the foreground.

Banbury Cake:

A moon seen through a cloud-filled night sky over Yarnton by Lesley Adams was another favourite.

A graveyard in Netherbury, Dorset, by Derek Bird, meanwhile, looked like something out of a horror movie.

All three used grayscale to add to the atmospheric feeling in the snaps.

Banbury Cake:

This was also a technique employed by Shez McKechnie in a shot of a scary Halloween costume.

Less scary but still impressive was Charlotte Hickman's photograph of her daughters Ella and Keeva taking part in dress up day at Botley Primary School in matching skeleton outfits.

A tiny witch casting spells with her magic wand could be seen in Nadiene Bungay‎'s adorable image of a toddler.

Banbury Cake:

Patrick Galka's great granddaughter is also captured in costume in a beautiful shot lit by lamplight.

Other snaps of young people enjoying Halloween we loved included a key ingredient for the spooky holiday - pumpkins.

Banbury Cake:

We enjoyed Erin Pratley's shot of her daughter pumpkin picking as well as Kim Niner's submission of a little girl who had already selected her prize pick.

It wasn't just people but devilish decorations that stood out, with a giant spider poised on the roof of a house by Pam Denton one of our favourites.

A real-life insect that gave us the same gruesome feeling was Luke D Chambers' shot of a horsefly drinking his friend's blood.

Banbury Cake:

Finally, a pair of costumed canines also caught our attention.

We loved Jaime Smith's image of her 'batdog' staring up at the camera, possibly wondering why they have been dressed in the outfit, as well as a 'hot dog' by Donna Cassettari.

Next week's theme is 'fireworks'.

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Happy snapping!