SCHOOLS are stepping up their campaign of shame against 'selfish' parents who park dangerously at their gates.

Headteachers at several schools have threatened parents with police action, if they continue to risk children's safety with their 'shocking' behaviour behind the wheel.

Pictures seen by the Oxford Mail show cars abandoned on zig-zag lines, drivers dropping off children in a 'keep clear' area and lines of cars straddling the pavement.

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Sandhills Community Primary School shown on Google Maps

In a newsletter sent before half term, Sandhills Community Primary School in Oxford said pictures of bad parking have been handed to police.

Headteacher Emma Coleman wrote: "I know most parents park safely and are willing to walk with their children when they have parked safely further away from the school, but sadly not all.

"Any photos and reported number plates that I’ve been sent have been forwarded to the police, who will be doing some extra patrols in the morning and afternoons."

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St Swithuns CE Primary School in Kennington is also battling the same issue, according to a parent newsletter on Friday.

Headteacher Helen Atkinson: "Since the start of term, I have received several complaints from local residents regarding parking on the school run.

"There have been some shocking examples of poor and illegal parking by parents/carers in our school community, which is rather embarrassing."

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Poplar Close in Kidlington shown on Google Maps

She said if parents must use a car rather than walk or cycle to school, to park 'a distance away and walk the rest.'

On Friday, Simon Isherwood, headteacher at West Kidlington Primary School, said parking in nearby Poplar Close had become 'awful once again.'

Writing in the parent newsletter, he said: "It is a congested area even when the children are not at school, but we have parents who are parking irresponsibly and selfishly.

"Please respect the school’s neighbours and their homes and do not create a dangerous place for our children to walk through."

New Marston Primary School in Oxford also told parents last week that their local police community support officers (PCSOs) will be 'visiting more frequently and issuing penalties for people who do not park their cars correctly or drive safely.'

Father-of-three Jamie Clarke, who lives in South Oxford, said the issue is also a 'nightmare' at St Ebbes CE Primary School.

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The charity worker, whose daughter attends the school, said: "There is a real problem with illegal and dangerous parking.

"For a number of years we've been raising concerns, as have teachers, about the risks to the lives of young people.

"We had a meeting earlier this year with police and councillors, but there is still dangerous parking and driving - I've seen people drive on the pavements outside to get around the congestion."

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Reader photo of cars parked on faded double-yellows outside North Hinksey school

He said standing outside and trying to move parents on can be an 'intimidating' task and some had even sworn at him for confronting them.

Mr Clarke said: "We've tried reasoning with them and putting signs outside, but they just ignore it. They don't seem to care."

He said enforcement was an issue and police do not have the power or resources to stand outside issuing penalties.

Guidance on Thames Valley Police's website states that local authorities are responsible for issuing fines for breaches of the Highway Code.

However, there are three exceptions when the police should get involved as a crime has been committed - if someone has parked on zig-zag lines, parked dangerously or parked in a way that blocks access for emergency vehicles.