A PROMINENT environmentalist is backing calls for a strike over the climate crisis next month.

Oxford author and activist George Monbiot is getting behind plans brought forward by 'school strikers' to broaden their action to include adults.

Inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, pupils have gathered in Bonn Square to demonstrate every month since February, often after walking out of classes.

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Now, the movement is calling for a worldwide general strike.

Mr Monbiot said: "Young people have led the way, but we cannot leave this struggle to them.

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George Monbiot at a school strike earlier this year. Picture: Harrison Jones

"It is time for all of us to step forward and strike against the destruction of our life support systems, and our beautiful world."

The 'Oxford Extinction Trade Union group' says it is expecting a large turnout for a rally in Oxford Town Hall on Thursday, September 5, to build support for the planned strike on Friday, September 20.

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The rally will be opened by Craig Simmons, the Lord Mayor of Oxford, and will be addressed by various national and local speakers, including Mr Monbiot.

Giles Ungpakorn, from the Oxford Extinction Trade Union group, explained: "Events over the summer have highlighted the urgency of the need for action on climate change. We have witnessed the highest temperatures on record (and) the unprecedented scale of fires in the Artic Tundra and the Amazon can only accelerate global warming to dangerous levels. Even though the UN has issued the starkest warning of immanent climate breakdown, governments are failing to take the action urgently needed."

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He continued: "It is vital we build a mass movement to force them to act now.

"We have been visiting workplaces across Oxford over the past two months urging workers to join students for a lunchtime rally in what ever way they can on the day of the strike."

The UK's Trade Union Congress is set to debate calling a national 30 minute national stoppage.