THE county council is looking to hire 40 more children's social care workers after children in care increased by about 80 per cent in just eight years.

There were about 425 children in care in the county in 2011 but now there are about 780.

Its budget to deal with that increase in demand has risen from £46m in 2011 – and will climb to over £95m by 2022/23.

Karina Boorer, a council social worker, moved to the UK from her home country of Canada last year.

She said: “Working with families in the way we do is very intimate and personal. You get to be part of a family’s journey. We seek to empower them and work on their strengths. It’s very challenging but very rewarding. There’s no other profession quite like it.

"As a professional you are constantly learning, evolving and facing challenges.

"Every family is so uniquely different and you learn from everyone you deal with. You grow as a professional."

She added: “If you work in children’s social care you will learn so much that you will be able to do any other social care job in your future life because your skills are transferable and can be adapted to any other field. It really does set you up as a professional."

Lucy Butler, the council's director for children’s services, said: “Karina and her colleagues are dedicated professionals who have turned around the lives of many Oxfordshire children and their families.”

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