Despite being the MP for Uxbridge, it's understood Boris Johnson actually voted in the South Oxfordshire - but later deleted a tweet after realising there weren't any elections in London.

Mr Johnson tweeted that he had voted last night, but swiftly deleted the tweet.

Uxbridge, an area of London were Mr Johnson is the MP, didn't have any local elections. 

This led to a flurry of criticism - with political reporters now confirming Mr Johnson actually voted in South Ox, where he has a home. 

Henry Zeffman, who is political correspondent for the Times, said; '[it's] because as the MP for Uxbridge it's not great to admit that you spend a lot of time not in Uxbridge.' 

Many people responded, with one twitter user adding: "the fact that he deleted it implies his intent was that he wanted to give the impression he voted in the non existent local London elections. Otherwise there was no reason at all to delete it 1 min later."