PETS at Home will not sell any rabbits or other pets this Easter in case they end up ‘in the wrong home’ after an impulse buy.

The national pet shop chain says ‘pester power’ can lead to families heading to the store to buy a bunny over the Easter break.

And to avoid this, the shop will not sell any pets during the bank holiday period and will instead offer pet vouchers.

These can be redeemed after the Easter break, or refunded if customers change their minds.

Banbury Cake:

The chain says the scheme worked successfully over Christmas.

A spokesman said: Many customers ask us about purchasing Rabbits or pets in general for Easter; but all the noise and excitement can result in pets getting stressed or potentially ending up in the wrong home through pester power.

“We know there are many customers who have already researched their pet in great detail and will make a responsible owner regardless of the time of year, but for the welfare of the animals we feel our customers will understand that this is in the interest of the pets and committed owners will not mind waiting a few days.”

How does it work?

From now, anyone wanting to buy a pet can get the vouchers, which can be used towards buying a pet once the Easter break is over.

If, during that time, a customer has changed their mind, Pets at Home says it will fully refund the voucher.

Bosses insist it will mean that no pet ends up in a home on impulse or being handed in to a re-homing centre.

Customers will also be given a copy of a pet care leaflet, co-written and endorsed with the RSPCA to ensure customers are aware of their responsibility of care for the pet and how to meet their welfare needs.

People can still purchase all the equipment at Easter in anticipation for their new pet.

The voucher scheme is already live in store and Pets at Home says it has had positive feedback from rabbit charities including Action For Rabbits.

What do you think to this decision? Is it a wise move, or should families be able to make up their own minds about when they buy a new pet? Leave your comments below.