FESTIVAL fun, bizarre Oxford traditions and crows striking a pose all feature in this week's diverse collection of 'gatherings'.

Some of our favourite entries for the challenge were creature captures.

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We loved Marian Payne's image of prairie dogs munching on grass.

Sharing the picture on the Oxford Mail Camera Club page she wrote: "Thought these prairie dogs looked like they were in a pop group playing their instruments."

Banbury Cake:

Another animal snap we enjoyed was a herd of sheep by Christine Cook, which includes one going above and beyond to get a better view by standing on top of its fellow sheep.

Ian Marriott, meanwhile, snapped a nest of tiny baby yellow spiders measuring just 25mm.

PICTURES: Canine heroes in the spotlight

When it came to people plenty of members chose to focus on gatherings at big local events.

The beautiful Oxfordshire countryside serves as a stunning backdrop to Sharon Allen's photograph of a band playing to crowds at last year's Beacon Festival in Watlington.

Banbury Cake:

Musicians are also the subject of Diane Braggs' May Morning snap of costumed performers outside the Clarendon Building in Oxford's Broad Street.

Sport featured in many shots, with some of our stand outs a group of runners all lined up by Trish Davies and Oxford United fans at Ewood Park last season by Simon Jaggs.

More unusual was Julia Johnson-Fry's image of a kilted competitor at the Dornoch Highland Gathering preparing to throw a heavy ball.

Banbury Cake:

Loath as we are to promote a (friendly) rival, we loved Ann Faulkner's unusual interpretation of this weeks theme in her snap of the BBC radio Oxford studio as they gathered the news.

We also could not help including her other submission of a family selfie when her loved ones where in London to celebrate her granddaughter's sixth birthday.

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Next week we want to see your best 'green' pictures. From the literal colour of rolling fields to being 'green' by recycling we encourage you to interpret the theme as creatively as you choose.

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This week’s winner will be revealed in tomorrow’s paper.

Happy snapping!