REPETITION, repetition, repetition was the gaol this week and we were repeatedly blown away by the creativity and originality of members.

One of our favourites was Shez Honour's image of a coiled air hose with the spirals shot from above to give an interesting perspective on a common object.

Banbury Cake:

Everyday items were elevated by many this week, with a row of dockless bikes in Oxford captured by Geoffrey Hill, a trail of coins by Ian Marriott and a drinks vending machine in Tokyo, Japan by Jim Jutton all good examples.

We also loved a tempting selection of wrapped chocolates by Kim Benson.

Camera Club was all about contrasts last week - see our favourites

The rainbow collection are lined up in rows, with each sweet matching the one next to it.

There was also plenty of repetition to found in nature, with flowers a particular draw for many members.

Banbury Cake:

Stand outs included pink dahlia heads captured by Peter Greenway and a field of lavender by Trish Davies that is soaked in purple.

We also enjoyed a shot of perfect little coiled fern leaves uncurling by Denise Gurden.

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One of the most inventive images came from Kevin Clark, who created a mind-boggling shot by placing a piece of glass over an iPad with a picture of the coke logo on it.

Another head-scratching snap was taken by Bob Sherlock of metal with holes punched out over a rusty orange floor.

Banbury Cake:

Sharing the photograph on the Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page, Ian Marriott confessed he his initially mistaken it for an enormous baking tray with cakes.

He added: "In my defence I saw it when I was hungry!"

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Composition was used by many Camera Club members, and we particularly enjoyed Zoe Shell Tarnet's image of lights in St Michael at the North Gate Church.

We love how the one in the foreground is flanked by two on either side. The decision to make it a monochrome adding a sense of atmosphere.

Banbury Cake:

Next week's theme is 'the one and only'.

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Happy snapping!