THERE were so many fantastic images from the Camera Club meet up in Oxford over the Christmas break we couldn't resist sharing a few more of our favourites.

The night shoot allowed members to capture the city free of the hustle and bustle of crowds, with many of Oxford's historic buildings seen in a new light under the cover of darkness.

Some of our favourites included Anthony Morris' image of a deserted Radcliffe Square shot from cobble level.

We also enjoyed Allen Dannfald's atmospheric image of the Bridge of Sighs. We especially liked the focus on the tripod in the foreground facing towards the slightly blurred landmark.

Black and white shots were used to great effect by many, with a pair of snaps by Io Nutz standing out in particular.

In the first, Camera Club members are snapped in perfect detail, the contrast of light and dark creating a crystal-clear image of the intrepid photographers braving the cold night.

The second showcases a typical city scene of a row of black taxis ready to take those enjoying a night out home.

No photography session in Oxford would be complete without a bicycle and we particularly liked Melissa Standbridge's image of a bright yellow dockless bike as the only bit of colour in an otherwise muted shot of historic city buildings.

We also loved an image she captured of traffic captured as neon light trails. The long exposure shot coveys a sense of movement and energy to the otherwise quiet night scene.

It was one of many in which the technique was used to create magical shots from mundane street scenes.

By fixing a camera on a single spot while cars and buses pass by the vehicles become a blur of colour while everything else is captured in detail.

Other stand outs included Sharon Allen's photograph of multiple streaks of parallel lines racing across the road, and Mr Dannfald's image of lights trails mingling amid a stationary bus and car.

This week's theme (and sentiment in general) is Happy New Year. A double-page spread of our favourites will appear in tomorrow's paper along with our next challenge.

It will be followed by the winning snap in Saturday's edition.

Happy snapping!

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