A FORMER Oxford City Council tenant who sublet her flat while living in Europe must pay back nearly £10,000 of unlawful profit.

Esperance Hakizimana let out her former flat in Ashhurst Way, Rose Hill, and admitted to a charge of unlawful subletting it out.

The council’s Fraud Investigation team worked with Greensquare Housing Association to find out the illegal activity.

They uncovered evidence that Hakizimana had sublet her property for months from April 2014, while living in the Netherlands.

On admitting the charge, she was told to pay a fine of £500 and pay back unlawful profit of £9,768.68. Of that, £3,000 had to be paid within three days.

She was also ordered to pay court costs of £480.

Ed Turner, Oxford City Council’s board member for finance and asset management, said: “This is another example that shows the effectiveness of the Fraud Investigation Team in clamping down on fraudulent subletting.

“By working with Greensquare Housing, the team uncovered and prosecuted the person who has committed this fraud, and who has now paid the price.

“This also means that a much-needed social home can be re-let to someone who is really entitled to it.”

The Fraud Investigation Team can be phoned on 01865 252222 and emailed on fraud@oxford.gov.uk