A MOTHER and father accused of membership of a banned extreme far-right terrorist group named their baby after Adolf Hitler, a court heard.

Adam Thomas, 22, and his partner Claudia Patatas, 38, gave their child the middle name Adolf, which the prosecution alleged was in honour of the infamous Nazi leader.

The Crown also claimed the couple were pictured at home with another man, a convicted racist and “vehement Nazi”, who was holding a Swastika flag and performing a Hitler-style salute over their baby.

Thomas and Patatas, both of Waltham Gardens, Banbury, are on trial at Birmingham Crown Court accused of being members of the group National Action.

Co-defendant Daniel Bogunovic, 27, of Crown Hills Rise, Leicester, is also in the dock on the same membership charge.

Opening the case, Barnaby Jameson, prosecuting, told jurors all three defendants were alleged members of National Action – a group “so extreme and violent” it was banned by the Government in 2016.

He said the case was about a “terror spread by a small cell of fanatics”, built on a racist ideology and warned jurors they would find much of the evidence “upsetting and disturbing”.

The barrister added the case would detail the “hate crime committed by National Action members and the ruthlessness with which they were prepared to spread terror”.

Mr Jameson said Bogunovic and Thomas had a “particular interest” in owning machetes, and that bomb-making instructions were found on the second man’s computer.

Turning to Thomas and Patatas’ child, he told jurors: “The Crown can tell you that one of his middle names was Adolf.”

He added: “Given that the child was born almost a year after National Action was banned, you may think the use of the name ‘Adolf’ – even as a middle name – was of significance.”

Patatas, Thomas and Bogunovic deny all the charges and the trial, expected to last four weeks, continues.