LESS than four miles from the heart of Oxford is a family-run vineyard celebrating its first crop of sparkling wines.

Sunnyhill Vineyard, located in Horspath, was started by husband and wife Louise and Ilir Kebej, 42, four years ago.

They planted 2,500 vines in 2014 with a selection of red and white grapes including Chardonnay, Rondo and Pinot Noir which are finally ready for sale.

Alongside the grapes, to the top of the vineyard there is also a small orchard with 250 apple trees to make sparkling cider.

Mrs Kebej said: "It's something we both had an interest in and it really is a family affair with all three of our children involved.

"Bradley, who is eight, helps out lots and so does our daughter Ruby, who is five."

She added even three-year-old Riley was already enthusiastic about the family business, and it was a feeling shared by the local community.

The 38-year-old explained: "When people come they say that it wasn't something they were expecting to have on their doorstep but they are really pleased it is here.

"The warm weather has given us a welcome boost this summer as well, not just for the grapes but it encourages people to come visit."

When food hygiene inspectors from South Oxfordshire District Council visited the vineyard on August 20 they gave the vineyard a top rating of five stars.

The mother-of-three said: "We were so proud, as a new business and especially when making wine it is so important to make sure everything is clean."

Not only is the business family-run, it is also entirely organic.

Mr Kebej, who was born in Albania, said: “As my background originates from the Mediterranean and wine making I wanted to bring some Mediterranean style into English wines. I always believed in doing things naturally so I decided to grow organic grapes to make organic wine.”

They feed the grapes organic fertiliser and use a tractor and rotavator to control weeds, with the ground hoed by hand where the rotavator can not reach.

Things have grown rapidly for the couple, with in January 2017 the pair granted planning permission to build a full winery .

Now complete it means there is space to welcome visitors, with the vineyard open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm with cakes and refreshments available as well as tastings of the wine, cider and apple juice produced onsite.

The vineyard is holding an apple pressing event next weekend.

For details visit sunnyhillvineyard.co.uk