FOOD, glorious food was on the menu this week as Camera Club celebrated everything from artistically plated culinary creations to a hungry puffin proudly showing of its catch of the day.

Fresh produce was on full display in many images, with some of our favourites including a vibrant photograph of tubs of bright red strawberries by Darrell Godliman and bowls full of appetising olives, nuts and sun-dried tomatoes by Shez Honour.

Further afield we also liked an image of crabs for sale at at Pike Place fish and seafood market in Seattle by Steven Braggs.

It also did not get much fresher than honey in the making by busy bees at Countryfile Live captured by Peter Greenway.

Many images showcased the skill of chefs in creating enticing dishes, we loved the snap of a pretty plate dished up at the Oxford Business Awards by Michael Hooper, as well as colourful cuisine at Carnaby Street's Claw restaurant in London by Matt Hancock.

We love how tempting the food looks and the attention to detail.

Showing skill in front of and behind the camera, we were also impressed by a shot of succulent-themed cupcakes Sofi Dural made for a friend’s wedding that look deceptively like the real thing.

Less intricately crafted but nonetheless leaving out mouths watering was Diane Braggs image of a traditional newspaper wrapped bag of fish and chips.

It wasn’t all picture perfect plates, however, and many submissions focused on the joy to be had in tucking into tasty treats - for both humans and animals alike.

We especially enjoyed Liza Widdowson’s image of a man halfway through eating a messy hotdog and an ambitious squirrel trying to devour a gigantic nut by Ian Jones.

Other favourites included a group of industrious meerkats picking apart a Pumpkin at Cotswold Wildlife Park by Marian Payne and a tortoise stretching out to reach to take a big bite out of a banana treat by Roy Pyniger.

Next week’s theme is signs.

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