TO CELEBRATE international Cat Day the Oxford Mail called on its readers to send in pictures of their marvellous moggies.

The friendly feline pictures came in thick and fast and proved the excitement around the 24-hour celebration dedicated to one of the world's most loved pets.

There were more than 100 pictures sent in of pet cats from across the county from those lounging on sofas, under the sun and in the most obscure place - including one cat in a sink.

But it was these six relaxed cats that caught the eye of our judges.

And after careful consideration, our favourite was the fabulous looking Nermal pictured in front of her owner Rob Davies garden.

Banbury Cake:

The Oxford Mail also featured rescue cat Dizty for the day who is currently looking for a new home after her family moved away.

Congratulations Rob!

She has been with Four Paws Cat Rescue for two weeks and is very depressed.

If you could give the eight-year-old a home look online for details