A TAP bar proved one of the most popular attractions at BBC's Countryfile Live over the weekend as gasping visitors queued for a drink of water in the scorching heat.

Thousands of people used the Thames Water tap bar to rehydrate, while an estimated 60,000 people using one of the company’s water fountains located around the site over the four day event.

This picture shows the beginning of the queue for the water, with lines stretching further for the taps than almost anything else.

Banbury Cake:

This year marked the show's 30th anniversary with organisers going bigger than ever as the self-styled 'world's biggest country fair' returned to Woodstock for the third successive year.

And as temperatures once again soared many looked to keep hydrated through the use of one of the fountains, or the Tap Bar which Thames Water also used to get across an important message about cutting down usage of single-use plastic.

Brand engagement executive Sarah Roberts said: “It’s been a great experience so far. We’ve had lots of people come and enjoy a drink while cooling off from the heat.

“Countryfile Live is the perfect opportunity to shout about our top quality drinking water and how accessible it is so we can cut down on our use of plastic bottles, creating a better environment for everyone.”

The four-day event hosted the the now familiar demonstrations and shows with an estimated 120,000 people attending.