IT WAS an opportunity to take things a little easier this week as Camera Club explored the virtues of relaxation.

From napping cats snuggled up in the sun to a man enjoying a river view as he sits waiting for a fish to bite there was no shortage of soothing scenes.

With the school holidays in full swing and the hot weather returning after a brief interlude, many members focused on summer breaks.

Some of our favourites included an emblematic pair of blue and white striped deckchairs set up on the beach by Marian Payne, and a couple watching the sun set on the Istrian coast of Croatia by Darrell Godliman.

We particularly loved the way the pair are silhouetted against a stunning setting sun.

Other shots that caught our eye included a unique way to enjoy Stonehenge captured by Diane Braggs and Anne Lane's overhead shot of a man enjoying a swim.

Closer to home we also enjoyed a duo of comforting beverage-based snaps by Shez Honour and Emily Brown.

Sharing the picture the latter described her image of tea as 'relaxation in a cup' and we are inclined to agree.

There was also a slew of submissions of animals resting.

Some of our favourites included Eric Denton's image of a smiling lamb whose face fills the entire shot, a black background acting as the perfect contrast the its white fur, and Io Nutz's tranquil image of a horse grazing in a field.

We also enjoyed a photograph of a dog laying on a beach in Gambia captured as it looks at something out of shot. Perhaps a stick it has decided to forgo chasing.

We also have to mention a second picture by Ms Payne of a Lemur, digitally changed to appear as if it is reading a recent copy of the Oxford Mail, though it has been altered to 'Lemur News'.

Full points for creativity and computer wizardry.

Next week's theme is food and we are already anticipating a plethora of captivating captures of delicious dishes.

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