TRAVELLERS have once again set up in Bicester, with caravans appearing at playing fields near the Kingsmere estate.

Around eight caravans have been seen at Whitelands Farm Sports Ground, which is owned by Cherwell District Council, so far, with the vehicles arriving yesterday.

Banbury Cake:

A Kingsmere resident, who did not want to be named, said: "I saw a black estate, Audi or BMW, driving back and forth and churning up the cricket pitch, which has been ruined now. What a waste of council funds."

He added: "We are sick and tired of the lack of protection from the council, and the removal of our 'paid for' enjoyment of our wonderful, new facilities, here."

Banbury MP Victoria Prentis tweeted she and local councillors were aware of an 'illegal encampment' at the Vendee Drive site and had been in touch with district and county authorities.

She added 'legal processes are underway'.

One user responded: "This is ridiculous, a weekly occurrence almost and a danger to our health and safety. Please act soon, and strongly."

Oxfordshire County Council spokesman Martin Crabtree said: “We are assisting the landowners, Cherwell District Council, with the process of returning the site to normal.”

Last month the county authority announced it would be putting up new fencing after a group of travellers moved on from the nearby Bicester park-and-ride.

Following the traveller encampment, which was made up of 30 caravans, the area was left strewn with rubbish, as well as broken bollards.

There were also reports of a dead puppy and two poorly dogs recovered from the site off Vendee Drive.

Travellers have been setting up home at car parks across the county for several months, including Oxford’s Water Eaton Park and Ride and Redbridge on Abingdon Road.