FIRE crews were called to deal with a bathroom fire in Langford yesterday afternoon.

The homeowners were alerted to the second floor fire by the smoke alarm and were able to evacuate before the emergency services arrived.

Three crews from Burford, Faringdon and Chipping Norton fire stations attended the scene.

Firefighters entered the property wearing breathing apparatus and were able to locate the fire in the upstairs shower using a thermal imaging camera.

Station manager, Paul Webster said: "Thankfully there were working smoke alarms in the property which alerted the homeowners to the fire on the second floor and they were able to quickly leave the property."

He added: “Whilst the fire was fairly small and only involved direct burning of an electric shower and the plastic shower enclosure unit, it did produce a lot of smoke which spread throughout the house."

The cause of the fire is being investigated by a specialist fire investigator from the Fire and Rescue service.