ONE last crystal clear picture before things get very muddy this week.

Camera club member Paul Wakelin sent in this snap of frosty foliage to our Facebook page.

He said he thought it was a box hedge, but whatever species it is doesn't matter too much to us.

What we like is the fact that he's got a perfect focus on the crisp crystals adorning the edges of the leaves, the white creating a sort-of variegated effected with the deep green beneath.

It's so decorative it almost looks like a print by Oxfordshire's most famous arts and crafts designer William Morris.

The reason I say 'before things get very muddy' is that this week's theme challenge for camera club members was mud, mud, glorious mud, and we've already been spattered with some brilliant seasonal suggestions.

There's still time to send yours in for this week's spread in Friday's Oxford Mail. Search for the camera club on Facebook.